Poezie 48

Crumbs of bread
on my carpet
next to my head
I observe
the little bug
climbing higher
up on my wall
he´s got the nerve
to be in motion
while I crumble
I´m giving up
before I stumble
another bug,
humble me,
I´m also just like you
you see
no one ever
hits the note
honest struggles
here I quote:
“decision is
the very core
but are you ready
to give up more
and offer the rest
to the wind
and burn
your life one endless spin
until it´s over”
I think I´m not
I need a better
lighter plot
with bugs on the ground
me flouting around
and when I fall
it´s like a fate
everything´s right
freed from hate
I´ll be waiting
until life becomes
bit more than a fever
two bugs and crumbs


Clap to the rhythm of my fear
for I am bigger than I appear
lip-read my words, don’t get me wrong
being big doesn´t always equal strong

There was a gap between my skin
I stored it for others to let them in
where they´ve only ever read
I am all yours – to that I said:
welcome! And by my heart
there is a couch for a clean smooth start
you can sooth your feet at the nearest shore
but beware the cloaked guilt they know the door
those who refuse change and have got no home
congrats! You´ve entered the victims soul!
make yourself comfy, some ordinary trauma mud
the cupboards are filled with dripping blood
I bet you don´t mind, just that – wait, what?
this is a bit scary? Then what if you´re told
You can do whatever! The power you hold!
scratch the carpets, throw some glass,
the lungs weren´t meant to last,
spill the liquor, drug the mind
hunt the love all the way out

I am all yours
and I will scream
after you´re all finished here

Clap to the rhythm of my fall
I used to think all smart is tall
and I´ve felt the smallest
I´ve ever been
after I saw what I´ve let in

No more than a stranger simmered
for someone else’s tastes
and I turned into a human
that all of me hates

You could clap here for hours, for days
and I would find a new thousand ways
to make me want to die

Interested in saying hi?

Well clap in applause
I use this rhyme way too much
but it´s really comforting
like saying my name, like my own touch

Clap to the rhythm of my pain
for I have not remained the same

Fear me if you need to
there´s no second chance
and I´ll clap to the rhythm
I´ll clap as you dance


Klára Pečivová