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It is 6 days before Christmas, and all through the house, everyone is baking, sipping eggnog, or doing some last-minute online Christmas shopping, except for yours truly. On this Saturday afternoon, I find myself stressing over my next Gustav article…. Pokračovat ve čtení →

FUR- Gods- Sake!

FUR- Gods- Sake! For this particular Gustav edition of the “English corner” I have decided to write about Billie Eilish’s influence on this years “Met Gala” that took place on September 13th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New… Pokračovat ve čtení →

The Female SOE Agents of World War II

The Female SOE Agents of World War II For the past few months, I, like many other Czech gymnasium students, have been attempting to write a social studies seminar paper. My topic is the relationship between feminism and fashion, and… Pokračovat ve čtení →

The Wintour of Our Closet Contents

The Wintour of Our Closet Contents For those of you who have not deciphered my play on words, this month’s article is about the one and only Dame Anna Wintour (she was dubbed a dame by Queen Elizabeth II, for… Pokračovat ve čtení →

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