Poezie 47

Sipping hot chocolate
under the waxing moon
we might not handle
but maybe it´s too soon
to tell what boundary
will be the one
we sat them ourselves
can´t be undone
but is that the truth
or what we repeat
when planned success
meets defeat
I´m gonna fail
in all aspects
what did they say?
breathe? relax?
do I look like I know how?
I´m in everlasting danger
of skipping every now
living in the past
flirting with my fear
overwhelmed by future
but I´m never here
look I beg for quiet
you brought me on my knees
anxiety could you
leave my body please?

If my voice isn´t enough
I promise I will scream
I think you will catch that
since you´re always near
I will place you in front of me
and offer you some space
both sipping hot chocolate
sitting face to face
there´s a lot we didn’t do
and we don´t know why
we feel this heavy sadness
all the fucking time
but we should really show some love
for all the mean things that we say
try to lay down, I´ll take your hand

we´re gonna be okay

Damsel, in a garden of roses
let me show you a different closeness
your magic squirms with truth and growls
I could watch you bloom for hours
damsel, in a field of flowers
I´m whispering of your grace
let me forget where I came from
let me sink in your embrace

For all that´s holy
I crave lonely
like I´ve only ever longed for you
from that one day
you didn´t stay
for you craved me but lonely too


Klára Pečivová