Ezra Molitor

I snack peaches
late late evenings
and I wish I had more time
so instead
of doing something
I pretend pretend it´s fine
I don´t read, sleep
I wait for
better mood to come for me
but instead of that
I remain
the old old depressed
sad sad me


September´s here
you know the drill
long skirts, books, tea
squishy pie
single hair tie
sits on your wrist
spreading to cover
warm glitter scar
stay focused darling
carve it well
harsh sunshine drizzle
my horror beam
you honour those
who named you /falling/
missing the knock
it´s autumn here


I would sharpen my tongue
to deliver words faster
I´d soften my teeth
and break my jaw
if that´s what it took
for you to love me
I´d give up my face
my harsh, wild, raw
I would grow taller
to hold you strong
I could shrink
and blend and disappear
if that´s what it took
for you to love me
if that´s what it took
to want me here