You just couldn´t put down
your private pack of shame
nourished by years of apathy
for losing to your pain

I once was there too
and maybe I still am
but the craft of forgiveness
is now what I stan

They say that shit is embarrassing
he says I didn´t really try
I claim these words, so you don’t have to
vote to live or die

Shall I call you an injured soul?
once we were stripped of words to voice
even though you´re a survivor
and you can make the rawest noise

How to define
what lost its shape
how can I steal me
and make me safe
how is it so painful
being rebuilt of simple air
how could I just burn
alone, unaware

Freshly born
brought up by space
between two souls
from purple lace

The smell of rain
soothing bubble bath
until thick smoke
replaced their laugh

Body of clay
now paper thin
ill filthy curses
stick to my skin

I feast on dirt
fallen star,
disrupter, intruder
I shed
steal my name
like I drew those scars
but I´m the love
you know you had


Klára Pečivová