Next time we kiss

thirsty for concrete  
are we darling?  
creep around  
the warnings starling  
dumped the blue  
cold purple lips  
I’m begging you  
next time we kiss 
before you bite  
before you spit  
knowing damn well  
I’ll take the hit  
puke out what’s left  
of me you stole  
the hunger I keep  
will burn you whole 

My friend

Called me lil warm 
to cheer me up 
so I asked my fear 
if it could drop 
other said I´m perfect 
they want me to know 
while I measure quiet 
how far is this low? 
got asked  
how I´ve been doing 
and left her on read 
got asked 
is it better? 
like everybody said 
to sum it up 
syrup stains 
my haunted heart 
and bloodied hands 
constant pain that never ends 
I stay for me 
plus you my friends 

When the dreamer dies what happens to the dream?

It hunts for a new one 
under the cloak of steam 
heart beating fire 
dreamer slave to bliss 
dream consumes the body 
ash in its mouth, kiss 
goodnight sweet human 
you all turn out the same 
everyone who´s dreamt before 

Ezra Molitor